Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Designing your own website?

-OK, let me come clean from the start, I am a self taught web designer, I run a small web design company called TopDraw WebDesign based in Blackpool.
Now that we have got that out the way, I'd like to voice my opinion on all the template and free web design packages out there, that anyone can use to create a website.
First off I'll assume that the average man in the street starting up a new business venture, is reasonably savvy with a PC and has a good handle on programs like MS Office.
They know that to help them succeed in business and to reach the widest possible audience of potential customers, a website is nigh on essential. They also know that they need to get their company name as their website name, this is where they're journey begins.
After scouring Google they come to understand they need a domain name and a hosting provider, many will be swayed (As I originally was) by the apparently cheapest or best advertised on the net.
Next question they might ask is want kind of domain do I need? .com,, .net, .eu, .org, or perhaps one of the new suffixes relating to their business, any or all of the above?
Then they may decide to choose a company like GoDaddy to host, only to find they cannot register their domain through them, because they are an American hosting company.
So, OK they may decide to use someone like 1and1 instead and happily register their domains and are ready to create their company website.
How much time should be set aside to do this?
Let's say a couple of afternoons ... Provided the following is done of course....
Is all the copy for the site ready to go?
Company logo sorted?
Relevant pictures all taken, resized and optimised for the site?
Contact emails setup and ready to use?
Have you got and do you know how to use all the relevant software to achieve this?
In all honesty... Probably not ....
Okay, so a few more days to sort these things out, and finally, you're ready to get started.
But of course, then there is the learning curve for the new web design software, so you can get things looking just right ...
Okay, so a day or two and your site is ready to publish.
How do you do that, who do you ask? Have fun trawling through the FAQ's supplied by the hosting company or you could ring them on their 0845 nbr when you can locate it ...
Finally the website is finished and online, looks OK, if rather similar to hundreds of other sites out there, now you can sit back and wait for the enquiries to come flooding in ...
Wait a minute, the website can't be found on Google, how are people going to find this new company, what do you do now?
Time to find out about keywords, and sitemaps, and how to submit your site to Google and analytics and SEO ... Sound like fun? think you'll be able to go up against a site created by a professional who has designed a website from the outset with all these things in mind?
C'mon, seriously, save yourself the time and bother and use a local professional web designer, who can do everything for you needed to get the results you want.
Our prices start from just £25 a month, we take an interest in your company and it's goals and build a bespoke Google optimised website to spec, it really does work out a cheaper and more effective way of creating a website.
Andreas Anderson
01253 291172